The 6th International Nightingale Network Conference on 15th of April 2016 in Reykjavik: “Opportunities and Participation”

The Friendship Mentor Project

The Friendship Mentor Project is built on an international model. The project is financially supported by the Icelandic Children’s Welfare Fund. It started in autumn 2001 as a collaborative effort between the University of Iceland, the Iceland University of Education and two primary schools in Reykjavik. The core of the Friendship Mentor Project is that university students/upper secondary school students provide support and encouragement to primary school children. Emphasis is laid on mutual gain and that children and young people become acquainted and learn about each others’ circumstances. University and upper secondary school students gain an opportunity to be models for primary school children and a positive force in their life while the children get an opportunity to form a bond with a mature adult who is outside the family.

The Friendship Mentor Project became a member of The Nightingale Mentoring Network in 2013.

The Nightingale Mentoring Network

The Nightingale mentoring network was formed in 2010 and is a network for cities in Europe using the Nightingale mentoring concept.

The network provides several benefits to its members; above all constitutes a favourable forum for deeper pedagogical discussions and research based on mentoring between university students and children. This provides all participants an opportunity to exchange experience within the area of mentoring and also within The Nightingale and its unique philosophical and pedagogical content.

The Nightingale Mentoring network is constituted by its members. A board consisting of three cities is setting the agenda for each year. The Network members gather at an annual meeting, arranged in one of the member cities. The host of the meeting also arranges an annual conference on mentoring.

The purpose of the Nightingale Mentoring Network:

  • To establish a European forum in order to facilitate cooperation between the participants and the work with mentoring.
  • To exchange experience.
  • To improve the general quality of mentoring.
  • To provide a context which will elucidate the cooperation between Universities and local schools throughout Europe.
  • To offer the members a consistent set of quality standards by certification. To create a collection of relevant data for future research.
  • To quality ensure the concept.

Members of the Nightingale Mentoring Network

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